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Launch Your AI Image Generation App

With Nocode

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Why NocodeBooth?

We took care of everything required to launch your AI Image generation application so you can focus on customising your Prompts and starts marketing your app right away.
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User Registration

Don’t lose your customers, quickly sign them up with Google sign-up button.
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Charge your customers for every order they make and also sell add-on styles after the initial purchase using Stripe integration.
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100% Automated

Right from signing up users to trading AI models to generating images and sending emails to users once finished.
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Admin Dashboard

Easily manage your orders, Create and edit Prompts/Styles & test new prompts using our Playground feature.
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Referral Program

Allow your customers to refer their friends and earn credits for successful purchases by using our built-in referral system.
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Email Notifications

Automatically mail your customers after their purchase to upload images and also when their order is finished.

Completely Customizable

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Ready Made Landing Page

A fully responsive landing page that Automatically displays all available Styles, Pricing & FAQ Section
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Customisable Dashboard

A User Dashboard that shows the status of the User’s recent orders, Users can also purchase new styles after their initial purchase and a referral section where users can check their referrals & credits and get their referral links.

Manage With Admin Dashboard

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Manage your Orders

Check all the recent orders and their current status in the admin dashboard.
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Test Prompts in Playground

Test New Styles and easily add them to your production app using our playground feature.
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Launch your AI Image Generation platform today with NocodeBooth template and take your business to the next level.


Admin Dashboard
Completely Customizable
Add Your Domain
Referral System
Stripe Payments
Playground to test Prompts/Styles
Email Notifications Using Sendgrid
Custom Prompts For Your Use Case
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One-Time Payment
Use Code "NB25" At Checkout for an Extra 25% OFF
Please register a free account in order to use the coupon code
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How does the app work?
After you launch your application with our template, This is how the application works
  1. When a user places an order, They will be asked to upload 8-10 photos and select the styles they want the output images to look like.
  1. Then the application trains a new model based on the user's uploaded images and generates images based on the user’s selected styles.
  1. Once the AI Image generation process is done(which can take up to 1 hour), users will receive a link to download the images via email.
  1. Users can also purchase add-on styles for the current order either by paying or using credits.
  1. Users can also purchase new orders for themselves or for their friends, They can also refer their friends using their referral link and earn credits.
(All the user-uploaded images are deleted within 24 hours.)
Do I need to have coding experience to edit this template?
No, you don’t need to know how to code to edit this template. This template is completely built using (a Nocode Drag n Drop web Application Builder). You can easily customize the colours, Text and other UI elements. However, If you want to completely customize the UI, a basic understanding of how Bubble’s Responsive Engine ( works are required.
ℹ️ Knowledge Required: Intermediate
What can I build using this template?
You can build any custom AI Image generation idea you have with this template.
Some of the ideas you can build using this template:
  • Wedding Dress Ideas Generator
  • Abroad Locations Photoshoot
  • Ecom Product Photography
  • High-Quality Portrait Photography
  • Custom Caricatures
Check more ideas at (here)
Make sure your idea doesn’t come under any prohibited use case (
Can I use my custom Stable Diffusion Model for training Images?
Yes, you can train images with your custom CKPT file. You can train user images on some of the popular models like Analog Diffusion, Open Journey or Your own CKPT file.
How much does it cost to train AI Images?
This Template uses Replicate API to train AI models using Dreambooth and generate images. For a detailed overview Check out Replicate’s Pricing page (
Does this template come with Prompts/Styles?
No, This template does not provide any Prompt/Styles. You have to add your own Prompts/Style. You can easily add and test new prompts in the admin dashboard.
Do you have any Guides on how to set up the template?
Yes, we provide you step-by-step video tutorials on how to set up the template where we walk through where to paste the API keys, initialise webhooks and every other step required to easily launch your product. You can access these video tutorials on the Admin page after your purchase.
If you have any queries regarding the template, please contact us via email and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.